Hybrid Doge

The Next Generation Doge Token

HYBRID DOGE is a cryptocurrency token on the Binance Smart Chain. It has very limited supply of only 10 million. Each trade has “Deflation, Automatic Rewards, Automatic LP and Automatic Burn” function.

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Buy, Sell, & Trade Hybrid Doge (HDOGE) on Pancakeswap. Pair: BNB/HDOGE


Buy, Sell, & Trade Hybrid Doge (HDOGE) on Koinbazar. Pair: HDOGE/INR


Buy, Sell, & Trade Hybrid Doge (HDOGE) on Dex-Trade. Pair: HDOGE/USDT


Limited Supply

Hybrid Doge Token has a very small fixed supply of 10 Million Tokens

Auto Reward

5% of each transaction will be automatically given to the token holder

Auto LP Acquisition

5% of each transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool

Auto Burn

2% token burn on each transaction and also has Quarterly burn system.


Safe about your investment. Liquidity is locked to make this a truly community driven token

Smart Contract Audit

Smart contract’s audit is very important in cryptocurrency to detect vulnerabilities. Hybrid Doge smart contract audit has been completed. Click here to view the report

What is Hybrid Doge ?

The Hybrid Solution for making money on Meme Coin. It is intended to create high-priced Doge coin with a very low supply.

Hybrid Doge is the deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain. It has a very small fixed supply of 10 Million Tokens, Every trade has a 2% burn function, 5% of each transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool, 5% of each transaction will be automatically given to the token holder and also we have a Quarterly burn system. So Supply will be reduced on every trade and token price will be increased.

This token will provide access to Rewards for token holders on every transaction.

Simply hold $HYBRID DOGE tokens and get rewarded.

Every trade has a “Deflation, Auto Rewards, Auto LP and Auto Burn” function

Buy HDOGE on Pancakeswap: Make sure slippage is 13% to 15%

Contract Address : 0x9E8bD931610b71Fc4e2190D6102fb510e4995546



Buy/Sell HDOGE on below Decentralized Exchanges.

Buy on Pancakeswap

Buy on Flooz.Trade

Buy on Dex.Guru

Buy on Bogged.Finance

Buy on SokuSwap

HDOGE - Price Chart

Poocoin app






Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Total Supply : 10,000,000

Presale:- 30%
Public Sale:- 30%
Airdrop:- 10%
Team :- 10%
Development:- 5%
Bounty :- 5%

2% of every transaction is permanently removed from our circulation. So token supply will be reduced and Token price will be increasing every trade.

Buy, Hold and get Rich .!!


Q3 & Q4 – 2021

  • ✅ Hybrid Doge born
  • ✅ Website launch
  • ✅ Social media account creation
  • ✅ Smart Contract Audit
  • ✅ Pre Sale
  • ✅ Listing on Pancakeswap
  • ✅ Marketing Push
  • ✅ Listing on CEX

2022 – 2023

  • Launching ” Brand New Website”
  • Launching “Hybrid Swap”
  • Launching “Hybrid Staking”
  • Planning for “Hybrid DEX” Launch
  • Planning for “Hybrid NFT” Launch
  • Planning for “Hybrid TOOLS” Launch
  • Planning for “Hybrid Chain (Blockchain)” Launch

AIR DROP & Rewards

📣Hybrid Doge Token Airdrop Round 3 - Coming Soon 🔥🔥

🔥Hybrid Doge – Airdrop Round 1 – Completed🔥🔥

🔥Hybrid Doge – Presale Airdrop Round  – Completed🔥🔥

🔥Hybrid Doge – Airdrop Round 2 – Completed🔥🔥

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